When you have a stunt team performing high risk, high speed or high level sequences you can’t afford to take any chances with their safety. Atlas Aegis can provide advanced paramedic practitioners, specialist casualty access teams, water rescue teams, remote medics, and air ambulance support with pilots and medics experienced in air ambulance operations. We can provide fully equipped ambulances on standby allowing any casualty to receive expert treatment on set in the event of an accident and transport to hospital can be provided without delay.

Nashville Bodyguard, Private Investigator, Security Guard Services, and Security Consultant.

Atlas Aegis offers first-class medical support for film sets across the U.S. and worldwide. Our medics are qualified RN’s, ambulance technicians or registered paramedics – all with “front line” experience. We pride ourselves on our professional and knowledgeable approach to our medical support services. We’ve enjoyed commercial success working with many global brands.

  • Set Medics & Nurses
  • Fully Equipped Paramedic
  • COVID Testing & Monitoring
disaster medical assistance team (DMAT) and medical evacuation Nashville

Atlas Aegis provides film industry clients with a level of security and protection rarely seen outside U.S. Special Operations. Our film production security agents and medics draw from decades of experience in Delta Force, U.S. Army Special Forces, Navy SEALs and Rangers to deliver the most advanced security, advisory and medical services to the film industry.

  • Set Security
  • Travel Security
  • Executive Protection
Nashville Bodyguard, Private Investigator, Security Guard Services, and Security Consultant.

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Our risk management services offer clients a level of protection rarely seen in the private sector.

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