Executive Protection Agility. Adaptability. Awareness. When it comes to protecting executives and other high-net-worth individuals, you need a bodyguard, private investigator, and security guard services that is always prepared — even in rapidly changing environments. Our bodyguard and executive protection services are led by agents who have protected first families, heads of state, and award-winning celebrities. Trust us to provide the same level of discretion and respect to the VIPs you serve. We work in all locations and settings, including low-profile and covert operations.

Whether it’s a limo ride to the Grammys or a helicopter expedition to the Outback, our transportation security guard services and bodyguards are trained to get clients to their destination efficiently and securely. All of our vetted agents sign strict Non- Disclosure Agreements and undergo comprehensive background checks. Our clients can rest assured that every aspect of every journey has been vetted to ensure their safety, privacy, security, and peace of mind.

Our security consultants draw from decades of law enforcement and active combat experience to develop a security infrastructure that will protect your property, personnel, and assets. Let our security risk advisory team and security guard services help you find the products and tools that will provide unprecedented protection during events ranging from hurricanes to lockdowns to active-shooting situations. We specialize in residential, commercial, and industrial security. Our product line is fully scalable to serve the needs of everyone from individual homeowners to large corporations.

Our armed and unarmed security professionals provide military-inspired protection for properties, workplaces, and events around the globe. In addition to providing on-site security, we also help facilitate the movement of attendees, employees, and high-profile guests. Our plain-clothes and uniformed agents have extensive experience managing low-key and high-risk situations, including sporting events, corporate meetings, and hostile employee situations. Trust us to protect your people and assets, as well as your brand’s reputation.

Often, just the presence of a K9 unit can help deter those who want to cause trouble. But our law enforcement and military teams know these highly trained dogs can do so much more. Thanks to their enhanced senses, dogs can help detect everything from intruders to explosives well before their human counterparts. In the event of an emergency, dogs can also provide an additional layer of protection for your people, property, and assets.

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