With over 800,000 security guards employed all over the United States, why not implement security services for your film production set. If you are a film producer or director, your movie set, regardless of size, will require strict organization and control. Security services built for a movie set are necessary to ensure the safety of all cast and crew members.

Whether you’re in need of physical security services for a specific cast member or for their entire crew and set, security services can protect you at all costs. With the right security personnel in place, you can ensure maximum safety efforts in any situation. To learn more about security services for your film production team, read on.

Here are 6 reasons to incorporate film production security services:

  1. Protection & Crowd Control
  2. Celebrity Cast Member Escorts
  3. Property & Asset Protection
  4. Fixed Site Security Services

Protection & Crowd Control

When you are filming a movie, tv show or short film, you’re likely not going to spend everyday in a set or production room. As you take filming to the streets of real cities and towns, even if the filming doesn’t include high profile celebrities, people walking by your set are going to be curious and may get too close to your scenes.

In addition to maintaining order, security guards will prevent anyone not involved in filming from disrupting the scene. Security guards are able to control the authorized personnel on set as well. They can limit access to specific people, such as press representatives and special viewing guests. The right security services can provide individuals who will divert foot traffic, control the crowd and minimize interruptions.

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Celebrity Cast Member Escorts

When it comes to higher budget films, you’re likely to have a cast with quite a few celebrities. These cast members will typically be more well known within the industry and by fans around the world. From tabloids to crazed fans, you celebrity cast members will be at risk without the right protective security services.

With a security team in place, your guards can safely escort these high profile cast members to and from the set and their trailer or vehicle. Outside of security escorts, a physical, onsite security team can also patrol a movie set’s parking lot. With the right security services, you can ensure that those who enter via vehicle are authorized to be there.

Property & Asset Protection

As with construction sites, movie sets tend to have a plethora of expensive equipment lying around. From cameras, special effects equipment, props and so much more, after your set closes down for the day, these production materials become targets for thieves.

Regardless of the size of your set, or budget for your film, this expensive material is what makes your movie happen. While some people may attempt to break in and steal your assets, your film set is also in jeopardy of vandals.  A security team can not only patrol the set by foot, but also by vehicle long after filming has ended for the day to ensure the protection of your material.

Fixed Site Security Services

When it comes to your film set, digital security systems may not be enough full time protection. As what comes with the nature of filming, your cast and crew will likely be changing locations from time to time. With fixed site security services, armed or unarmed security professionals can provide military-inspired protection for a variety of your film ready properties or even after filming events.

In addition to providing on-site security, fixed site security professionals also help facilitate the movement of crew members, celebrity cast members and high-profile executives. Atlas Aegis provides plain-clothes and uniformed agents that have extensive experience managing low-key and high-risk situations, including sporting events, corporate meetings, and hostile employee situations. Trust us to protect your people and assets, as well as your brand’s reputation.

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When tragedy strikes, you will need to act fast. Atlas Aegis provides our clients with a level of security and protection rarely seen outside the U.S. Special Operations. Our agents and medics draw from decades of experience in Delta Force, U.S. Army Special Forces, Navy SEALs and Rangers to deliver the most advanced security, intelligence and medical services.

Our four-step process is based on the principles and tactics that have guided the U.S. military since 1775. We customize our risk management services to help protect clients from all threats, known and unknown. One, identify risks using the most technologically advanced intelligence methods. Two, assess, quantify and classify potential dangers, triaging them into a powerful risk reduction plan. Three, mitigate, recommend policies, plans and controls to prevent, manage and reduce risks. And four, minimize the impact of risks that cannot be mitigated or eliminated.

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