When you think of a private investigator (PI), or “private eye,” famous fictional detectives like Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew, and Perry Mason likely come to mind. Real-life and modern private investigators Nashville , however, are incredibly diverse figures whose skills go beyond catching criminals.

Private investigators can work from anywhere in the world, and the scope and possibilities of their assignments are endless: personal security, executive hires, company mergers, litigation battles, civil and criminal investigations, political campaigns, and much more.

While employing PIs may seem a luxury to the famous and powerful, civilians can also hire private investigators to protect their businesses, assets, and personal property.

And there are more than a few reasons to use the skills of a private investigator:

  • You Need a Due Diligence Investigation
  • A Person Or Asset Has Gone Missing
  • Something Isn’t Adding Up
  • You Believe You Are Being Stalked
  • You Need To Settle A Dispute
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You Need a Due Diligence Investigation

Whether you need a background check – for a potential employee or babysitter – or a thorough assessment of the facts before you make a major business decision, a private investigator will have the knowledge to get the job done. Cases like this are often sensitive, so a personal investigator’s robust, but discreet, services are key.

Due diligence investigations are intended to reveal vital information such as financial details, potential scandals and lawsuits, past crimes or settlements, detailed company history (management deals and company suppliers, for example), social media activity, and more.

A Person Or Asset Has Gone Missing

From civil to criminal investigations, private investigators are skilled at interviewing witnesses, verifying facts, and considering all the evidence. If you need to locate a person or missing asset, or even map a crime scene, leave the information-gathering to a professional.

The biggest benefit of putting an investigation in the hands of a PI is preventing potential information gaps. This cannot be stressed enough for legal teams and other law enforcement agents who need to build a case.

Something Isn’t Adding Up

When the numbers or the facts just aren’t adding up, a private investigator can perform a financial investigation, look into fraudulent behavior, or determine whether your employees are aiding in/stealing from the company. It could be a singular event or instance that you need answers to, or it could be an on-going concern you’ve had.

Perhaps you’ve continually experienced the theft of equipment or machinery after working hours but can’t seem to uncover the source. Or maybe your competition always seems to be privy to your information and is one step ahead of you. It’s time to hire a professional to find the holes.

You Believe You Are Being Stalked

The beauty and curse of today’s transportation, technology, and social media is our access to one another and any location we might wish to visit. But when a loved one, friend, or complete stranger is exploiting your personal privacy or private information, they have crossed a line.

If you find or suspect you are a victim of stalking, you might need PI surveillance or even artificial intelligence to detect and identify the individual. A private investigator can also get ahead of potential threats, offer vulnerability analyses, and provide status updates in order to protect your privacy.

You Need to Settle a Dispute

Disputes not only make for a messy situation, they also can cloud your judgment. If you are having trouble coming to terms with a business partner, a shareholder, or in an inheritance dispute, a private investigator can gather and present all the facts objectively.

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