High-networth and influential individuals – from celebrities and athletes to politicians and chief executive officers – all require security and protective services. And it’s no wonder: comedian Dave Chapelle, wrestler Seth Rollins, and Apple CEO Tim Cook are just a few examples of prominent figures who have been subjected to physical attacks, stalking, and more.

Executive protection (EP) – also known as close protection – is a form of risk management that considers the safety and well-being of individuals who are vulnerable due to their political influence, net worth, employment, or celebrity-status. These individuals may require a special level of protection while making public appearances, traveling, or even when retreating to the privacy of their own home.

More than a bodyguard service, executive protection services also include secure transportation, residential security, and more.

Atlas Aegis provides high-level security guard and protective services, including low-profile and covert operations. Our EP agents have protected first families, heads of state, and award-winning celebrities.

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Risk Mitigation

Avoiding the risks a VIP or public figure can – and will – encounter requires thorough assessment and planning; these are tasks that go well beyond a bodyguard’s physical deterrence. Executive protection agents think ahead and on their feet about points of entry and exit, crowds, travel routes, and medical emergencies as well as other considerations.

As such, EP agents are trained in a number of skills: evasive and defensive driving, firearms handling and concealed carry, self-defense, movement and escort, and CPR/First Aid. Today, executive protection also requires familiarity with technology security risks, including hacked Wifi and smart-home devices, location tracking, and more.

Secure Transportation

For private citizens, secure transportation is a day-to-day, uneventful activity. For public figures and celebrities, however, venturing from point A to point B or simply traveling with their families can be a hassle, not to mention expose private details of their personal lives.

Transportation security guard services and bodyguards ease the difficulties and anxieties of safe transit to meetings, engagements, errands, and more. Secure transportation ensures every aspect of the individual’s journey is vetted. Plus, security drivers and executive protection agents are required to undergo comprehensive background checks and sign non-disclosure agreements so that clients can rest assured their privacy and security are first priority.

Security Guard Services

Often hailing from law enforcement, military service, or other protective backgrounds, security consultants do more than secure the premises. They are experts at finding solutions, technology, and other tools to proactively provide protection to individuals’ and companies’ property, assets, and personnel. It’s for this reason that security guard services are a must at conventions and other large-scale events, in corporate offices, financial institutions, factories, hospital settings, and more.

The best security guards’ services are both seen and unseen. Atlas Aegis’ guards may be armed or unarmed, uniformed or undercover, patrolling on-foot or in a vehicle, positioned at entrances, or hidden in the crowd.

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