Implementing a proper medical evacuation plan will not only protect your employees from harm, but can financially protect your establishment. With the right coverage, from disaster relief, medical solutions or medical training programs, Atlas Aegis has the solutions for you.

Here’s what you need to know about Medical Evacuation Plans:

  • OSHA Requirements
  • Establishing a Plan
  • Keep Employees Safe & Calm
  • Atlas Aegis Offerings
  • Define a Proper Plan with Atlas Aegis

OSHA Requirements

When it comes to implementing a medical evacuation plan, your business will likely have to follow various OSHA requirements. OSHA requires that all employers maintain an Emergency Action Plan that details evacuation procedures. A written evacuation plan must be posted where it can be seen by employees in an emergency situation in companies with more than ten employees.

New hazards, new layouts of the building, or significant personnel changes will necessitate reviewing the existing plan. As with most things, regularly making adjustments to your evacuation, emergency plan will be beneficial to your team and to adhere to OSHA guidelines.

Establishing a Plan

In the chaos of an emergency at work, most people want to run as fast as they can and escape the building; however, doing that increases their risk of injury and damage to your property. Leadership must be composed of calm, level-headed individuals capable of coordinating essential tasks and overseeing an orderly evacuation. With the help of a strong leadership team and a stable evacuation plan, you can rest assured that your team will be led to safety and you will avoid excess damage on your property.

Your evacuation plans should let employees know exactly where to go after leaving the building. It is important to stay together after an evacuation, because that enables the head counters to get a clear picture of who left the building and what happened to those who stayed. Furthermore, it helps emergency personnel determine how many people are still in the building and where those people are safely removed from the situation, thanks to your evacuation plan.

Keep Employees Safe & Calm

In most cases of danger, employees are bound to panic if there is not a solid medical evacuation plan in place. Once panic sets in, your employees may lose the ability to focus, and soon will begin to behave irrationally or dangerously.

Employees with an evacuation plan have a clear understanding of what they should do, and can use a checklist to guide them. Step-by-step progression relieves stress and can keep your team focused on their objective: getting to safety.

Learn more about Atlas Aegis and our medical training support services.

Alas Aegis Offerings

Disaster Relief

Our Special Forces–trained rescue, communications, and medical teams are committed to meeting the critical needs of those affected by war, famine, disease, and natural disasters. We can be ready at a moment’s notice to provide water, food, shelter, and advanced 24/7 medical care after any disaster or mass casualty event.

We are specially equipped to serve those in challenging environments, including wilderness areas, remote sections of developing countries, and war-ravaged communities.

Medical Solutions

Our Division of Operational Medicine will provide medical support for your corporate, industrial, or film production worksite. We are capable of deploying and managing advanced medical support into some of the most remote and dangerous places on Earth.

With more than a century of combined experience in Special Operations pre-hospital and emergency medicine, our physician-led medical teams bring an unprecedented level of care to the private sector. Trust us to help you reach your productivity goals by ensuring the health and welfare of those working in extreme environments with limited healthcare infrastructure.

Medical Training

When tragedy strikes, you need to act fast. We help organizations, agencies, and companies respond quickly to catastrophic events, empowering their teams to provide critical care to those with life-threatening injuries.

Our training sessions cover everything from Basic Life Support (BLS) to Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) certifications. We also specialize in Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), Heartsaver and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) training, and Pre-hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS).

Define a Proper Plan with Atlas Aegis

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