Security Guard services can be beneficial in a variety of situations. As security guard services can entail the protection of people, property, or even physical assets from actions and events that could cause damage or loss, you may need to enlist the help of a quality security protective agency.

Whether you’re in need of security guard services for an executive individual, a large scale event, or maybe even a local shopping mall, Atlas Aegis has the protective solutions for you. Security Guard services may be exactly what you, your client or your organization needs. As dangerous situations are becoming more and more advanced, professional security guard services are more important now than ever before.

Here’s what you need to know about when quality security guard services become important:

  1. Do You Need Fixed Site Security?
  2. Do You Need Secure Transportation?
  3. Do You Need Executive Level Security?
  4. Security Guard Services with Atlas Aegis

Do You Need Fixed Site Security?

When it comes to your facilities, digital security systems may not be enough full time protection. With fixed site security guard services, you can do just that. Fix-site security can provide military-inspired protection to properties, workplaces, and events around the world. From armed to unarmed security guards, fixed site security professionals can also help facilitate the movement of attendees, employees, and high-profile guests.

Atlas Aegis has a team of plainclothes and uniformed agents who are ready to serve your fixed-site needs. Equipped with extensive experience in managing both low-key and high-risk situations, fixed-site security guards can service any location including the following

  • Sporting Events
  • Corporate Meeting
  • Hostile Work Environments
  • Shopping Centers & so much more

With Atlas Aegis’ fixed-site security guard services, you can protect your people, assets, and brand reputation. Security guards will ensure nothing out of the ordinary will go unnoticed.

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Do You Need Secure Transportation?

Another important scenario that would benefit from quality security guard services includes secure transportation needs. Danger can strike at any time when transporting high-net-worth individuals or groups. Secure transportation security guards are trained to transport clients efficiently and securely, whether it’s a ride to an important event or an expedition to the client’s favorite restaurant.

In addition to its vetted agents, Atlas Aegis also performs extensive background checks and requires each agent to sign a strict Non-Disclosure Agreement. Security Guard services built to  ensure a safe and private transportation can effectively protect your client’s unique travel needs.

Do You Need Executive Level Security?

For those considered to be executive level personnel, finding the right physical security services can be tricky and sensitive. Executive security guards are trained to handle any high caliber situation. With an ability to provide agility, adaptability, and awareness to any situation, executive protection services can be extremely important. Protecting executives and other high-net-worth individuals requires a team that’s always prepared.

Pro Tip: For those looking for a unique approach, the presence of a K9 unit can help deter those who want to cause trouble. Thanks to their enhanced senses, canine security dogs can help detect everything from intruders to explosives much earlier than a human would be able to. Atlas Aegis has the canine security dogs that you need to add an additional layer of protection for your people, property, and assets.

Nashville Security Guard Services with Atlas Aegis

When tragedy strikes, you will need to act fast. Atlas Aegis provides our clients with a level of security and protection rarely seen outside the U.S. Special Operations. Our agents and medics draw from decades of experience in Delta Force, U.S. Army Special Forces, Navy SEALs and Rangers to deliver the most advanced security, intelligence and medical services.

Our four-step process is based on the principles and tactics that have guided the U.S. military since 1775. We customize our risk management services to help protect clients from all threats, known and unknown. One, identify risks using the most technologically advanced intelligence methods. Two, assess, quantify and classify potential dangers, triaging them into a powerful risk reduction plan. Three, mitigate, recommend policies, plans and controls to prevent, manage and reduce risks. And four, minimize the impact of risks that cannot be mitigated or eliminated.

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